Mission + Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of the UIC Pavilion is to support UIC’s pursuit of its strategic goals, while bringing students, faculty and community together through culturally diverse events that promote the University as an educational institution and the Pavilion as a place for entertainment.

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Our Operating Philosophy

Commitment to providing excellence in customer service

The Pavilion continually strives to provide the best customer service to both its clients and customers. This is done by creating a full-service environment where every need of the client or customer is addressed. The Pavilion is conscious of its role as a representative of the University and expends every effort to foster good relationships between its customers, clients and the University. Toward that end the Pavilion conducts comprehensive customer service training for all its employees.

Commitment to student employment, training and personal development

The Pavilion has the opportunity to provide students with valuable out of the classroom experience. Through employment opportunities over 200 student employees each year learn customer service, supervisory and organizational skills. These are opportunities for students to develop a sense of confidence, responsibility and improve their prospects for future employment.

Commitment to community outreach programs

The Pavilion strives to get into community through supporting other events such as neighborhood festivals, local schools and park districts which help to increase exposure in community and carrying out the Pavilion’s mission.

Providing a venue for major events

The Pavilion provides an adaptable setting for a variety of educational, recreational, cultural, entertainment and civic events. These may include university events, e.g., commencements and athletic events, or non-university events.

Supporting UIC’s Division 1 athletic program

Approximately two decades ago, UIC identified the development of a competitive Division 1 intercollegiate athletic program as a pivotal factor in improving the quality of campus life, enhancing UIC’s public image and strengthening student recruitment. The UIC Pavilion was conceived and built in part to serve as a major tool in the development of UIC’s intercollegiate athletic program.

Supporting student recruitment

The UIC Pavilion supports student recruitment by attracting thousands of prospective students, their families and friends to Pavilion events each year. The Chicago metropolitan area, from which UIC draws the majority of its students, is a region of great ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. The reflection of the diversity in its student body is one of UIC’s most important goals. Consequently, the UIC Pavilion strives through its programming decisions to appeal to the entertainment and cultural tastes of the entire spectrum of the metropolitan Chicago population and, in so doing, demonstrates that UIC embodies in action, as well as in words, its commitment to educational and cultural pluralism.

Supporting UIC’s broader commitment to Chicago

UIC’s urban mission calls for it to be engaged with the life of metropolitan Chicago in many ways. This includes but is not restricted to providing educational opportunities to its citizens.

Enhancing UIC’s institutional image

Extensive media exposure for UIC Pavilion events with persistent emphasis on the name of the facility makes a major contribution to UIC’s public recognition. Pavilion events have received strong positive media coverage that reinforces public recognition of UIC as a dynamic, exciting institution.

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