Working with the Pavilion — Rental Information

Applying for Rental

To apply for rental, download our Rental Application (PDF).

Technical & Rigging Information

Additional Information

Security, ushers, access control, peer security, production/setup/cleanup, operating engineer, electrician, audio, telephone rental, 3.12% telephone credit card charges, spotlights, staff parking, forklift, overnight security, drapery, damages. An estimate will be provided upon request based on a description of the show and setup. Expenses reimbursable to the Pavilion, finalized at closing.
Union Labor
Where applicable, stagehands and teamsters shall be used for load-in, rehearsal, day of show and load out. Other unions (i.e. projectionist) shall also be used where appropriate. This call will be made by the promoter per prior arrangement with the unions.
The University requires that all payments for minimum rental fees and expenses be submitted to the Pavilion before the show. Deposits by cashier’s or certified check, wire transfer, or an irrevocable letter of credit will be required in an amount determined necessary to cover all anticipated rent and expenses related to the show.
A final settlement will be made within ten (10) working days after the last event.
House takes 30% and provides sellers (labor guaranteed). Other options available.
The University provides exclusive food vending to the public for all shows (with the exception of show catering).
Staff Parking
A lot is available to the promoter for rental. 75-car capacity.
General Parking
Parking rate is $10 per car, $12 per bus. (Neighborhood parking is zoned residential, by special permit. Any unauthorized parker risks a significant citation.)
Bus parking is available for $12 per bus for those buses which wait on site for their return trip. The Pavilion will establish traffic patterns regarding drop off, staging, and pick up. Advance notice of bussing is required.
Overnight Security
Overnight security, where appropriate, is available by arrangement with the Pavilion. Assignments will be made by the coordinator of Pavilion security.
No announcements of any kinds about the event shall be made until the contract is signed and returned with the appropriate deposit to the Pavilion.
$2,500 for live broadcast rights or $250 hookup fee.
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