Seating Charts

Photo of Chicago Sky setup

Standard Event Diagrams are in PDF format; click links to download. PDF files are read with Adobe Reader.

If you don’t have it, “download Adobe Reader for free at the Adobe website .


Blank Main Floor

Seating Plan, Blank Main Floor

Blank Main Floor Map (PDF)

8-Count Boxing/Fight Night

Seating Plan, 8-Count Boxing

8-Count Boxing (PDF)

Windy City Rollers

Seating Plan, Windy City Rollers

Windy City Rollers (PDF)


Seating Plan, WEC


FLAMES Basketball

Seating Plan, Volleyball

Volleyball (PDF)

Standard Concert

Seating Plan, Standard Concert

Standard Concert (PDF)

¾-House Concert

Seating Plan, ¾-House Concert

¾-House Concert (PDF)

½-House Concert

Seating Plan, ½-House Concert

½-House Concert (PDF)


Seating Plan, Circus

Circus (PDF)

Banquet, 5-Foot Rounds

Seating Plan, Banquet, 5-Foot Rounds

Banquet, 5-Foot Rounds (PDF)

Banquet, 6-Foot Rounds

Seating Plan, Banquet, 6-Foot Rounds

Banquet, 6-Foot Rounds (PDF)


Seating Plan, Tradeshow

Tradeshow (PDF)

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